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Steve Wilhelm

Steve Wilhelm has been meditating since 1968, and engaged in Buddhist practice since 1987. He has studied and practiced in the Tibetan and Vipassana traditions, including extended retreats in both, although his practice is now primarily Vipassana. Steve has facilitated Eastside Insight Meditation since 2000, and serves on the boards of the Tibetan Nuns Project and Friends of Clear Mountain. He retired in mid-2016 from a 34-year career as a journalist, and currently edits Northwest Dharma News and is now editing a sixth Dharma book. In 2017 Steve graduated from the fifth Community Dharma Leaders program, offered through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. He lives in Kirkland with his wife Ellen.


If you would like to schedule a an individual practice meeting with Steve, click here to send a request via e-mail. To learn more about practice meetings, please visit our Individual Practice Meeting page for more information.


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