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Seattle Insight Meditation Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax ID Number is 91-1919405.

Dana to Teachers

Individual gifts to teachers are not tax deductible. Please use the links below to give a cash donation to a teacher or a pool of teachers.  

During COVID times, donating with cash is more challenging and yet we are still able to offer our generosity using online cash platforms. With these PayPal and Venmo links (depending on your preference), you are able to offer cash dana as you would in person. This requires that your PayPal or Venmo account is tied to your checking account for funds.

You can also split your donation with a credit card on our General Donation Form by choosing a dedication or purpose from the dropdown, OR choose Offline Donation to get instructions on where to mail a check.

Give, even if you only have a little.” The Buddha.

Give dana to our Teachers

Tim Geil – PayPal or Venmo (@tim-geil)

Tuere Sala – PayPal or Venmo (@tuere-sala)

Keri Pederson – PayPal or Venmo (@keri-pederson-1)

Rodney Smith – Paypal

Give dana to our Local Dharma Leaders

Susan Alotrico – PayPal

Sooz Appel – Venmo – @sooz-appel

Jerry Harter – PayPal

Lyndal Johnson – PayPal

Arv Moorthy – PayPal

Steve Wilhelm – PayPal

Lauren Wilson – PayPal

Dana: generosity, giving, gift

Following this ancient tradition, the Seattle Insight Meditation Society is fully supported through your generosity. Dana pays for all of our operating expenses including venue rent, insurance, a newsletter, website costs, reimbursement of guest teacher travel costs, capital needs, and other administrative expenses. Admission is not charged to any of our events or for the teachings and no one is ever turned away for an inability to pay.

In addition, our guiding teachers and our guest teachers on Monday nights, nonresidential retreats, and for other dharma talks depend upon your separate generosity for their livelihood. These teachers have all of the same expenses you do, including housing, food, clothing, medical expenses, and retirement. Your teacher dana provides support not just for the teachings you see and receive but also for the teacher’s ability to study, reflect, write upon the dharma, and teach those who cannot pay without the worry and the need for a traditional job.

The Buddha’s teachings are offered according to the principle of dana, an ancient Pali word meaning “generosity,” “giving,” or “gift.” Dana has played a central role throughout the history of Buddhism. In the early days of the Buddha these teachings were considered priceless and offered freely. Early teachers of the dharma were supported solely by the lay community, who voluntarily provided monks and nuns with food, clothing, and shelter.

Today, 2,600 years later, the dharma is still being freely offered to all who want to hear. Through your generous contributions of dana, you not only support the continuation of the dharma but also provide the opportunity for others with less financial means to hear it as well. Of course, today such generosity is only possible through your monetary donations.

Please see our volunteer opportunities page, too!

“So with an unhesitant mind, one should give where the gift bears great fruit.”
~ The Buddha
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