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Keri Pederson, Teacher

Keri Pederson is primarily a student of the dharma, but teaches regularly when invited. She began meditating in 1998, motivated by a deepening yoga practice as well as a strong desire to understand suffering.  She began formal retreat practice in the tradition of S. N. Goenka, and has since sat retreats with a variety of lay and monastic teachers is the U.S., Thailand, and India.  Rodney Smith invited her to teach in 2007 and she was authorized to teach by Spirit Rock/IMS/IRC after a four year retreat-teacher training.  Keri also works in elder-care and lives on Vashon Island with her husband and young son.


If you would like to schedule a private practice interview with Keri, click here to send a request via e-mail. To learn more about interviews, visit our Interviews page.


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