Shared Interest Groups

Shared interest groups are one way to nurture practice and develop friendships within the larger SIMS community. These groups do not require facilitators and are usually more informal than KM groups. Each shared interest group depends on a contact person to handle information about meetings. If you have a hobby or activity that you would like to share with other SIMS attendees (for example, seeing movies, taking hikes, sewing quilts, or kayaking), please consider organizing a shared interest group. To find out if other meditators are interested in your topic, please contact the Shared Interest Groups Coordinator.

SIMS Birding is on hiatus during the COVID pandemic, but please feel free to contact the coordinator to get your name added to the list, but interest is peaking again. We may do some outings soon.

You don’t need any birding experience to participate, but we encourage you to download a great (free) app to help you with bird identification, Merlin Bird id from Cornell’s Museum of Ornithology.  Hope you can join us when we can get together again!

Contact SIMS Birding if you are interested!

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