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Ways to Volunteer at SIMS

Volunteering is a way to give dana, opening the heart and enriching the life of the giver. Another way to talk about giving dana in this tradition of volunteering is to think of it as service to an organization you believe in and would like to help continue in its vitality and growth.

It’s also a great way to meet other members of the sangha. There’s nothing like working together to create community. Please browse our list of volunteering opportunities here and email the contact listed if you’d like to help! Please click on any of the choices below to learn more and thank you!

A number of SIMS Board positions are opening up as people finish their terms. 

If you have a strong and consistent dharma practice,  the skills appropriate for a particular role and a demonstrated commitment to volunteering in the sangha we would love to hear from you. Please contact the specific person for each of these board positions to learn more.

Program Director

Oversees all programs including weekly sits, Intro Classes, Dhrama talks, daylongs, NRR’s, LDL classes, etc. Chairs Program Committee. Works with Volunteer Coordinator to develop volunteer teams to carry out planning and execution of events. Works with Communications Coordinator to publicize events.

Contact Tim Geil

Volunteer Coordinator

Recruits, manages and supports SIMS volunteers for all sangha work and activities. Recruits and supports lead volunteers who are assigned to key areas of work. In collaboration with Program manager, designs and supports routine training of volunteer teams to plan and execute events. Develops appropriate and timely training materials. Liaison between Board and leads. Plans and organizes volunteer appreciation events.

Contact Deb Slivinsky


SIMS is seeking a Treasurer to join the organization’s Board of Directors. The Treasurer’s financial responsibilities include tasks such as depositing checks and paying bills, preparing financial reporting and managing the organization’s financial health. The Treasurer is supported by two volunteers who handle bookkeeping responsibilities. In addition to specific financial responsibilities, the Treasurer attends monthly Board meetings and contributes to the leadership of the organization in collaboration with other members of the Board. SIMS seeks an individual with financial knowledge/experience, and a desire to serve the SIMS sangha, to fill this role.

Please contact current Treasurer, Cheryl Wynne for additional information.

Sangha Life Coordinator

Initiates, recruits and encourages sangha members to develop programs related to community building within the sangha. Includes (but is not limited to) Gratitude Buddies program, Kalyana Mitta groups, Shared Interest Groups, and (when this again becomes possible) Neighborhood Meeting groups.

The Sangha Life Board member is also responsible for the SIMS newsletter, which comes out quarterly.

Contact: Cubba Reese


Setting up and tearing down our Hybrid Zoom/In Person AV equipment on Monday nights from 6:00-9:30PM. (the sit is from 7-9)


  • Computer troubleshooting skills for laptop/iPad issues. 
  • Very good documentation and training is provided.
  • While we are still in the Worship Room at UFM (until our remodel is finished), you need to be able to carry a 40 lb. PA system, a large bag filled with cables & equipment, a tripod and a projector case with projector and more cables upstairs from our basement office. Once we are in our new space, all of our AV equipment will be stationary!


Depending on number of volunteers, could be once or twice a month.

Contact Cheryl Marland

Provide zoom support during sangha meetings. You will be part of a team on a rotating Zoom support schedule. Days and times include Days of Mindfulness, classes, and during our online weekend retreats which usually go from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday. If you’ve got experience hosting Zoom meetings, we’d love to hear from you. Training will be provided to include security settings, managing breakouts and the like depending on the kinds of events you may be willing to support.

About twice per month, 2 hours. If interested you could volunteer to support a weekend retreat.

Contact Ken Yasuhara

Help edit and process our audio and/or video recordings for sharing on our website. General comfort with computing is required, but experience with audio/video editing is optional, and all needed training will be provided. Other SIMS volunteers take the recordings, so this role is only for editing and processing and can be done on a flexible schedule. We record at least two events per week, including all non-residential retreats. 

Minimum desired commitment of 1–2 hours per month, timing flexible.

Contact Ken Yasuhara

Six week assignment for Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) sangha members who have already completed the SIMS introductory meditation class. In addition to bringing the Dharma to others, benefits include attending for free a wonderful refresher course that may inspire you and bring new life to your practice.

When held at SIMS Meditation Center, this includes registering participants and giving information and assistance. Need to arrive 30 minutes before the start of each class.

Six week class, held quarterly. See the home page under classes for the next series start date. As of June 2021 we are again offering this class in person.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

Most often the day-long retreats and evening Dharma talks are held at SIMS Meditation Center.

For day-long retreats: One day assignment; volunteers are requested to arrive 45–60 minutes early to do room set up and/or take down, to set up tea supplies, and get the hot water going. You will also staff the greeter table, register attendants, and answer questions.

For evening Dharma talks: helpers are needed to do room set up and/or take down, and to staff the greeter table. For the day-long and evening opportunities, a manager will be on site to give guidance; no prior experience necessary.

Periodic and ongoing. This in-person opportunity is currently suspended while we are meeting virtually.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

Six week assignment for SIMS members who have already completed the SIMS introductory meditation class. One or two volunteers will work together to staff the greeter table during a six week introductory series. Includes setting out chairs, registering participants and giving information and assistance.

Need to arrive 20-30 minutes early and stay after to clean up. In addition to bringing the Dharma to others, benefits include attending for free.

Up to 2 times per year in each location. See the home page under classes for the next series start date. This in-person opportunity is currently suspended while we are meeting virtually.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

Arrive at SIMS Meditation Center by 6:30pm and work together with one other volunteer to set up the greeter table and staff it through the evening. Greet old and new sangha members, answer questions, and count dana at the end of the evening. You can also stop by the greeter table and let us know if you’d like to volunteer. You’ll receive an initial orientation; no prior experience necessary.

As your schedule allows, once you have been oriented. As of July 2021 we are again meeting in person.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

The group meets to explore the topic of death and dying together in order to make ourselves more comfortable and less fearful about being with dying. In so doing, we prepare ourselves to provide dharma practice, companionship, meals, transportation, errands, and other support to SIMS sangha members who are terminally ill. We also investigate how our current lives are informed and illuminated by this practice.

Links to Resources and Documents
Mission Statement
Guidelines for SIMS Death & Dying Support Volunteers
List of Things we Offer
Book & Audio List
Resource List
Topics We Have Covered
Teachings for Being With Dying

Contact Tracy Bell

Our focus on the grounds is to make it a welcoming and loved place, an oasis of peace and green. Lots of our plantings are native species. We usually garden once a week on weekday mornings and sometimes Sunday mornings before or after the 11:00 Friends Meeting worship.

Jobs include: weeding, watering, pruning, deadheading roses, sweeping, and cleaning up trash. No gardening experience is needed and you can select what you’d like to do. We have gloves and gardening tools. Bring some water to drink.

This coming week, we will be gardening July 23, Friday morning from 8:30am to 11:30am.

For more information please email Ellie, the garden coordinator for University Friends Meeting, at [email protected].

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