Ways to Volunteer at SIMS

Volunteering is a way to give dana, opening the heart and enriching the life of the giver.

When you come and sit with us online, there are many volunteers in the background making this happen. We have our AV crew and our greeters who show up every Monday night to keep the show going. When you look through this website, reflect that it was created and continues to be managed by a crew of website volunteers. When you register for a retreat, our Registrar team takes care of everything, making sure you get what you need to attend the events. The Board of Directors is a very important place to offer your expertise in governance to help guide the future of SIMS.

Since the pandemic and the emergence of online sits with Zoom with the creation of so many different hybrid systems out there, we have been able to expand the sangha out beyond Seattle, as well as making it easy for anyone in Seattle to attend if leaving the house to drive to UFM isn’t feasible. This has expanded our need for volunteers, especially for our AV crew and our online Zoom Support crew. Volunteers commit to short-term and long-term jobs.

Volunteering creates a special environment in the sangha where people work together to achieve common goals. It’s one of the things that makes SIMS so vibrant and inclusive for everyone. I can’t think of anything I’ve done in sangha as valuable to my practice as volunteering and being of service to an organization I really believe in. 

Please browse our list of volunteering opportunities here and email the contact listed if you’d like to help! Please click on any of the choices below to learn more and thank you! 

Registrar Duties

  1. Respond to general inquiries by taking month-long rotations responding to registrar email.

  2. For assigned events, support yogis through the online registration process with timely information, using pre-existing confirmation templates.

  3. For assigned events, cancel online registrations upon request.

  4. For assigned events, be available for one hour (before and after event start) to troubleshoot online access.

  5. Distribute registration lists the day before and the day after events.

  6. Coordinate with SIMS volunteers and teachers, for a smooth transition from pre-event, to event start, to post-event, including orienting SIMS volunteers and teachers to the online registration process.

  7. Attend monthly (sometimes bi-monthly) registrar meetings.

Registrar Qualifications

  1. Some comfort with computers, including willingness to follow step by step instructions in registration system, as well as navigate MS Excel, MS Word, and Google Drive helpful. Registrars operate as a team and support each other.  Current facility with tech ranges from basic to intermediate, so expertise is not expected.

  2. Required availability is sporadic but averages 5-8 hours/month. A minimum one-year commitment is ideal.

  3. Adaptability and humor are hallmarks of this team.

Contact: Martha Kreiner



You will be helping to provide our hybrid in-person & zoom to our Monday night sits.

Set up & break down AV equipment at UFM. The only requirement is the ability to lift and carry about 40 lbs up one flight of stairs. You will always have help breaking down the equipment and getting it back downstairs.

All training and documentation is provided.  For training you would need to come in at about 5:30Pm on a Monday night and we’d do it together. After that you could arrive between 6 and 6:20, depending on your level of proficiency. It gets fast with experience. Breakdown takes about 15 minutes, we’re all out of there by 9:15PM on Monday nights.

It’s a fun and rewarding job and you will not be asked to do this on your own until you are confident that you can. Normally this is a 2-person crew.

Times & Frequency

Monday nights for about 3 hours. Current volunteers are choosing a particular night of the week to do monthly. We all work out our shifts together using a spreadsheet and email. 

Please Contact Cheryl Marland


Provide zoom support during sangha meetings. You will be part of a team on a rotating Zoom support schedule. Days and times include Days of Mindfulness, classes, and during our online weekend retreats which usually go from 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM on Saturday and Sunday. If you’ve got experience hosting Zoom meetings, we’d love to hear from you. Training will be provided to include security settings, managing breakouts and the like depending on the kinds of events you may be willing to support.

About twice per month, 2 hours. If interested you could volunteer to support a weekend retreat.

Contact Ken Yasuhara


The Design Task Force for the new SIMS space at UFM is looking for volunteers to help build and/or put together furnishings in the entryway of our new space. We have needs for coat and shoe storage systems, a reception desk and cushioned benches. We are starting to envision what these elements will look like and want them to be as warm and welcoming as possible. We may be constructing some of the simpler items and/or putting together off-the-shelf components to fit the space. If you have skills building small wood construction projects like this and are willing to help us envision the possibilities and construct the final result, please let us know. This will be a great way to contribute to the sangha by helping to create our new home. And we all know how any small construction project is meditation in action! If you’re interested in helping with this please contact Iris.


Design Task Force

Barbara E., Deb S., Kalid A., Peter H., Iris A.

Arrive at SIMS Meditation Center by 6:30pm and work together with one other volunteer to set up the greeter table and staff it through the evening. Greet old and new sangha members, answer questions, and count dana at the end of the evening. You can also stop by the greeter table and let us know if you’d like to volunteer. You’ll receive an initial orientation; no prior experience necessary.

As your schedule allows, once you have been oriented. As of July 2021 we are again meeting in person.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

Help edit and process our audio and/or video recordings for sharing on our website. General comfort with computing is required, but experience with audio/video editing is optional, and all needed training will be provided. Other SIMS volunteers take the recordings, so this role is only for editing and processing and can be done on a flexible schedule. We record at least two events per week, including all non-residential retreats. 

Minimum desired commitment of 1–2 hours per month, timing flexible.

Contact Ken Yasuhara

Website Co-Administrator Job Summary:

SIMS is seeking a website co-administrator with a background in tech or website design, WordPress and relevant expertise.  You will be working with the lead administrator and collaborate with end-users and different stakeholders to handle modification demands and determine future capabilities. Maintains and aids with the effectiveness, adaptability, and capabilities of the Sangha’s web and digital presence, performs regular updates to WordPress and related systems.

Website Co-Administrator Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Managing the website infrastructure, updating plugins, etc.
  • Offering technical help, responds to the webmaster emails.
  • Tracking, compiling and analyzing website usage data with Google Analytics (one volunteer could be dedicated to this task).
  • Developing or documenting website content style standards and keeping the current website manual updated.

Website Administrator Skills and Qualification:

  • Prefer a minimum of 3 years of experience with website/tech management.
  • Willingness to read documentation and learn.
  • Some proficiency with WordPress and Elementor, or a background to learn both.
  • Good understanding of site design, web design, and SEO
  • An ongoing dharma practice and relationship with SIMS is preferred.
  • Training will be provided to the right person or people.

Minimum desired commitment of 2-3 hours per week, timing flexible.

Contact: Cheryl

Most often the day-long retreats and evening Dharma talks are held at SIMS Meditation Center.

For day-long retreats: One day assignment; volunteers are requested to arrive 45–60 minutes early to do room set up and/or take down, to set up tea supplies, and get the hot water going. You will also staff the greeter table, register attendants, and answer questions.

For evening Dharma talks: helpers are needed to do room set up and/or take down, and to staff the greeter table. For the day-long and evening opportunities, a manager will be on site to give guidance; no prior experience necessary.

Periodic and ongoing. This in-person opportunity is currently suspended while we are meeting virtually.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

Six week assignment for SIMS members who have already completed the SIMS introductory meditation class. One or two volunteers will work together to staff the greeter table during a six week introductory series. Includes setting out chairs, registering participants and giving information and assistance.

Need to arrive 20-30 minutes early and stay after to clean up. In addition to bringing the Dharma to others, benefits include attending for free.

Up to 2 times per year in each location. See the home page under classes for the next series start date. This in-person opportunity is currently suspended while we are meeting virtually.

Contact Volunteer Coordinator

The group meets to explore the topic of death and dying together in order to make ourselves more comfortable and less fearful about being with dying. In so doing, we prepare ourselves to provide dharma practice, companionship, meals, transportation, errands, and other support to SIMS sangha members who are terminally ill. We also investigate how our current lives are informed and illuminated by this practice.

Links to Resources and Documents
Mission Statement
Guidelines for SIMS Death & Dying Support Volunteers
List of Things we Offer
Book & Audio List
Resource List
Topics We Have Covered
Teachings for Being With Dying

Contact Tracy Bell

Volunteer Coordinator

Recruits, manages and supports SIMS volunteers for all sangha work and activities. Recruits and supports lead volunteers who are assigned to key areas of work. In collaboration with Program manager, designs and supports routine training of volunteer teams to plan and execute events. Develops appropriate and timely training materials. Liaison between Board and leads. Plans and organizes volunteer appreciation events.

Current/past relationship with SIMS is required for this position, please.

Contact Deb SlivinskyVolu


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