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Buddhist Essentials

Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) offers an opportunity to learn more about core Buddhist teachings in monthly evening classes called the Buddhist Essential Series.

Whether you are fresh out of the introductory meditation class, and are seeking next steps, or you wish to commit to a dharma practice with more intention, wisdom and caring, the Buddhist Essential series is for you. With the foundation of mindfulness, the series examines what conditions lead to suffering and what conditions lead to compassion and freedom and how to apply Buddhist principles in daily life. The classes are organized around the various lists in Buddhism, e.g. the four noble truths, the four foundations of mindfulness, the brahma viharas, and others.

The classes are taught by SIMS’ Local Dharma Leaders (LDLs). Each class includes a guided meditation, a dhamma talk, group discussion, questions and answers, and suggestions for practice. You are welcome to join individual classes or participate in the entire series over the year. No registration is required for the monthly classes.

In addition to the monthly evening classes, three daylong retreats will be offered on the Paramis, the Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and the Brahma Viharas, providing more intensive practice with these key teachings. The daylongs are open to all, whether you have been attending the monthly classes or not. Registration is required.

Buddhist Essentials classes are open to anyone with experience in mindfulness meditation equivalent to SIMS Introductory Meditation Class. Classes are accessible to beginners, while at the same time substantive enough for experienced practitioners.

Note: there are no upcoming Buddhist Essentials classes scheduled, but see talks and resources from past years below.

Upcoming Buddhist Essentials Classes

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