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Wise Livelihood: Conflict, Stress, Boredom

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Teacher: Tim Geil
Date: 2018-07-31
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



Conflict, Stress, and Boredom offer opportunities for spiritual insight. With conflict at work, practice shifting your focus from the details of the issue into the body’s experience of conflict. Allow the body to relax, soften, and open. Gently ask, what is being denied? Can that be brought into the body to be acknowledged?

With stress, shifting from the content of the situation to the sense of “you” that arises with the stress: the sense of “you” that is out of control, needing approval, or consumed with worry. Start to see this not as who “you” are, but a shape you are assuming.

For boredom, notice the body’s experience of that state. Challenge yourself to engage with some aspect of a task. Notice if  paying more attention may spark curiosity and aliveness.



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