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Practicing the Four Noble Truths: Tanha

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Teacher: Tim Geil
Date: 2016-03-08
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



The Four Noble Truths are a core aspect of the Buddha’s teaching. In this four part series, we bring them alive as a practice to meet each moment’s arising. In the second Noble Truth, we explore tanha, or thirst, as the origin of dukkha. Directly seeing the first form of tanha, the thirst for sense pleasure, allows us to sense the deeper levels of tanha, the thirst for becoming and for non-existence. We start to see that the deep urge to claim ownership of the sense of self is what gives rise to dukkha.


Become interested and curious about the actual experience of tanha (thirst, hunger, desire). Relax the need to act on or think about the object of the thirst and notice it in the body and emotions. See if you can see this process when wanting to be a certain type of person, or not wanting to be another type. Recognize this as tanha.


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