Energy – Third Factor of Awakening

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Teacher: Tuere Sala
Date: 2019-08-05
Venue: SIMS at University Friends Meeting House



This month we are exploring the third factor of Awakening – Energy. We can practice with energy in two ways. First, through our level of commitment.  Be truthful and assess the amount of energy you bring to your spiritual growth. What is your honest commitment to being awake?  What priority does opening your heart have in your life? What holds you back from greater urgency?  When do you feel this urgency, when do you not? Are you more likely to practice during difficult times or when your life is going well? There is no judgment here.  This is about learning to see the role energy and intention plays in practice.  We want to make it less about “me needing to do something” and more about becoming aware of the intentions and assumptions behind our action or lack of action.  Secondly, energy is about developing right effort.  Try practicing with simply letting go of any unskillfulness without judgment or comment, set an intention to not pick up an unskillful habit, cultivate opening heart/softening your attitude and really appreciate any moments of kindness and/or care.


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