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Devotion: Inviting the Heart to Open

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Teacher: Keri Pederson
Date: 2021-08-02 Monday


Devotion directly draws out the wholesome qualities of our hearts, invites us to linger outside of time, and re-connects us with our deepest aspiration and intentions. Engaging these practices calls us to slip out the grip of the separate, preoccupied self. This talk explores some of the different forms and expressions that devotional practice can take.

For your reflection:

  • What forms or outward conditions remind you of your capacity to awaken?
  • At what times do you feel naturally drawn to surrender your complaint about the way things are (taking refuge, experiences of awe or wonder, beauty, wider connection with others or with life)?
  • How do you express your commitment to what you most honor and respect?

Consider if there are objects or forms that might represent your answers to these questions, and experiment with including them in your regular practice. Use your body and your senses. Linger, don’t force anything. Return to it again and again.

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