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The Heart/Mind in Buddhism (Week 1, Part 1)

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Teacher: Anna Ossenfort
Date: 2019-10-23
Venue: SIMS at University Friends Meeting House



In western cultures, our heart and mind are typically seen as separate.  Our mind is what thinks, reasons, and figures, while our heart is the feeling and emotional aspects of ourselves.  In Buddhism these two are seen as one – the heart/mind, or citta in Pali. In this course we will be exploring how wisdom and heart practices support each other and enable us to see clearly and respond to life’s challenges with kindness and compassion. 

This talk is from a four-week class series taught by the SIMS Local Dharma Leaders (LDLs), Anna Ossenfort, Lyndal Johnson, Sooz Appel, Susan Alotrico, Lauren Wilson, Steve Wilhem, and Jerry Harter. This is first of two talks from the first week. 

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