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Ten Paramis: Metta (2 of 2)

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2009-11-10
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



To know love as stillness is to embrace the world unconditionally.

We apologize for the sound quality of this week’s video.  Download the audio for higher quality.


Notice that the more space (love) you offer your emotions, the less they control you; the fewer words you invest in a situation, the quieter you become and the more open (loving) you are to what transpires. Since love arises in “your” absence, you will never feel you are in control of love. Space and quiet are two expressions of love, but they do not come from your will power. Work with the phrase, “Where is love in this moment?” as a way to encourage less of you and more love to the situation. As you move through the day bring space and quiet instead of reaction to the situation.



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