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Practicing the Four Noble Truths: Dukkha

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Teacher: Tim Geil
Date: 2016-03-01
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



The Four Noble Truths are a core aspect of the Buddha’s teaching. In this four part series, we bring them alive as a practice to meet each moment’s arising. The First Noble Truth, Dukkha, has both obvious and unconscious elements. The unseen expression of dukkha drives our lives and is the foundation of the other types of dukkha. Ultimately, this fundamental dukkha arises when we hold ourselves separate from the unfolding expression of each moment and is based in the formation of the sense of self.


Try experiencing each moment as an unfolding that quickly passes into the next moment’s arising. Notice that when you can relate to life this way, there are qualities of ease, peace, intimacy and responsiveness. Also notice when you try to prevent or slow this unfolding through preference, judgment, or resistance. Recognize this as dukkha.


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