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Birthing the Heart: The Warrior’s Heart

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2014-07-08
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



Building upon the previous dharma topic on kindness, resolve is the conviction of heart that moves only in accordance with deep levels of connection. Resolve is a confluence of steadfastness, wisdom, certainty, and surrender.  It is the unwillingness to keep acting within the same conditioned patterns over and over again despite the outcome. At some point our conditioning has pushed us as far as our hearts are willing to go. Now we surrender our resistance, steady our posture, and see what the moment brings that is not conditioned from the past. It is surprising how far most of us have to be pushed before we give up our control and surrender to what is. Only a firm resolve allows this to happen.


Resolve is the quality of heart that is determined to move only from kindness and not from old patterns and conditioning.  Resolve does not use thinking as the basis for its actions. This week work to strengthen your resolve.  Find an old pattern that no longer works but continues to surface and hold it within the pause of patience. Feel the resolve to refuse to move with its emotional energy and simultaneously not to struggle with it. Allow it to simply be dead in the water. Feel the innate intelligence that is both kind and determined, that comes from just seeing and acting appropriately within what is seen.


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