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Birthing the Heart: The Inclusive Heart

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2014-04-29
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



Mentally we set boundaries because we are afraid, while the heart through nonresistance is attempting to dismantle those boundaries and show us life is safe. This creates an apparent conflict in spiritual practice between opening to reality as it is presented and feeling safe within that situation. When this contradiction arises be patient and ask what we are protecting ourselves from. If it is emotional or physical harm then leaving the situation is wise action, but does escaping mean that we create the boundary of separation in its wake? If so then whenever we decide to part ways, we will live within the turmoil of the division we just created. Can we take effective action without forcing a boundary upon a situation? It takes clear discernment, an attribute of awareness, to understand what we are doing and why, and discernment will move us to safety without forming tension filled boundaries.


Work with the paradox between the inclusive heart that is opening without resistance and the “No” of setting boundaries. How do you reconcile the two?  Do you consider your own limitations when releasing your resistance? If the situation you are in is abusive, does the dharma suggest that you should “just be with things as they are without resisting?” Being with things as they are, is seeing what is actually occurring and then acting wisely upon what is seen.  Pick a situation this week where there is difficulty, and see your role in the situation and whether it is helpful for you to remain in it.  See it clearly then allow yourself to act from that seeing.



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