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Birthing the Heart: Resolve

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2014-11-11
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



What inhibits our resolve to show up for our life? What are the competing motivations that keep us looking toward the future for fulfillment instead of surrendering to the present? Do we take our personal agenda so seriously that we lose the value of being present? Seriously ask whether the actual payoff of our agenda is as fulfilling as the expectation. In the rare moments when we are connected, quiet, just being, without any motive whatsoever, what is that like? We have to acquire a taste for the present and at first it feels too normal and unexciting, but if we hold the stillness of the moment there will come a deep serenity and depth of connection and aliveness that is beyond the ordinary. From here we may well state, “Nothing is missing and there is no where to go.”


In your dharma practice have you noticed a competing intention that interferes with the resolve of your heart? What worldly intention(s) take you away from the quiet and simplicity of your heart? Perhaps a fear of failure that says: “What if I try dharma practice and fail.” Or maybe you would like it both ways: “I am willing to try but want to hold something back in case this proves too difficult.” See if there is a self-assumption that keeps you from a full resolve, such as: “I have caused so much harm, I can’t get over my regret and guilt.” Get to know these competing intentions and resolve to be free of them.


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