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Birthing the Heart: Mudita

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2015-02-17
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



Please note: This video is out of focus, due to technical difficulties.

The Brahma Vihara practices try to pierce the many ways we resist love. Two of the ways we block love are through jealousy and envy. Mudita attempts to balance this dark contracted energy with perceptions of abundance. We can chose to see life from either angle, tightly drawn and very personal where every variance is an indication of our troubled relationship with life, or wide open where there is enough for all and deep gratitude for the abundance available. Often our childhood pain will indicate which direction we chose. If we grew up with harsh judgment and self-criticism, likely we will express jealousy when other succeed and have a strong competitive relationship with others. But regardless of our existing pain body, we can always make a choice to step out and away from selfishly quantifying the forms of life. Mudita is love of another’s success and represents the joy intrinsic to love. To access this love look directly into the pain that remains in your heart when it is closed, and ask yourself, “What is blocking my joy?” and, “Why am I invested in this story?” Challenge your thoughts; challenge anything that stands in the way of your heart.


This week watch your reaction to the success or failure of others: A friend closes the deal on a new house, another parent’s child succeeds in a way your child has not, a co-worker is praised by the boss. Watch what impedes your joy: the feeling of envy, jealousy, and comparison. Feel the sense of disconnection when those emotions are acted upon. Watch your need for recognition and success and how it feeds upon your deprivation of spirit. Repeat the phrases, “Your joy is my joy. May your good fortune never leave you. May your happiness continue.” This will help open the heart beyond self-interests.


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