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Birthing the Heart: Inclining the Mind toward Love

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2014-07-29
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



What happens when we incline our minds toward love, when we actually intend our lives toward love and say, “I want to live within love’s aura,” not as a possibility but as a resolve? This comes after we have realized there is no other way to live, when we are without options, and we are finally willing to surrender to the only remaining action. What happens to us physically, emotionally, and psychologically when that surrender occurs? There will be a loosening and heart opening and perhaps a loss of some degree of control. Love alters our perspective and brings us very near the living moment in a way that thought based living never could. The rawness of the exposure assures we will feel the empathetic pain of others as well, and compassion will result. It is interesting to notice when this “letting go” becomes too much for our egos and we pull back within the safety of our thinking and self-protection. Play with this edge of surrender and control, the shift between heart and mind, and honor both responses.


Establish the intention to use the phrase, “Is there love for this too,” this week when difficulties arise. Pause when using the phrase and feel what it means to allow something to be loved. The pause will provide the necessary gap between the contracted reactivity and the open space of love. Is the difficult or unpleasant still worth loving? Do not hold anything back, just give yourself over to the love rather than the resistance. See what love reveals that defensiveness never could. Notice that love demands everything from us. Reflect on how much are we willing to meet it?


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