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Birthing the Heart: Appreciation

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2014-04-15
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



We often miss the obvious ways our heart is birthed throughout the day. We may pass over these situations as unimportant when we succumb to the pressures upon us, but from a spiritual standpoint these moments are precious. These are the times in which our hearts are fully exposed and available, the moments when the mind is quieter and awareness is sensed, the times when the veil between the world and us is thinned considerably, and when life pours through uncensored. One such time is when we are quiet enough to appreciate the rich display of life before us moment after moment. Let us look for these opportunities throughout our day and not pass over them because we have more important things to do. Let us incline our mind toward appreciation as if it were the only experience that truly confirms why we live, and relish the adventure.


Stop your busyness and pause. Let the fullness of life come in with all the senses alive and awake. For this brief period of time there is nothing worth thinking about and nothing worth doing. Let your gaze light upon a tender experience, perhaps a spider spinning a web or the soft rustling of the trees blown by the breeze. Let your mind be soft, your heart relaxed, and feel the accompanying warmth that heralds appreciation. When there is awareness and the sensitivity of refined attention, appreciation is present.


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