Climate Action Group

The Climate Action Group at SIMS was started in May of 2018 by a few sangha members concerned about the climate crisis. We were interested in working within our sangha and from the ground of our Dhamma practice to learn, understand, connect, and, with wise intention and view, take appropriate actions.

We have met monthly, sponsored several programs at SIMS, and facilitated Tim, one of our guiding teachers, in giving annual climate crisis-related Dhamma talks each April, the month during which Earth Day is celebrated. We have an online bulletin board with our mission, goals, and meeting notes, as well as a variety of resources to deepen understanding of climate change issues and how to take meaningful action.

Signing up to be on our email list allows access to this bulletin board but does not commit you to further action in the group. Of course, we would love any and all to participate, even if just to share thoughts and ideas at our meetings. If you are interested in getting on our email list, please email Ken Yasuhara or Iris Antman. If you have questions and would like more information, please contact Iris.

Precepts for a livable planet

SIMS Climate Action Group

February, 2019

Guided by the principle of non-harm and the recognition that we are inextricably interconnected with the Earth and all beings who inhabit it, we humbly practice observing the following precepts:  

  • We renounce actions that harm living beings, present and future, or their habitats. 
  • Acknowledging that nobody truly owns the Earth’s resources, we share them with all beings, present and future. 
  • If engaging in sexual activity, we do so responsibly, conscious of increasing population pressure on our planet. 
  • We accept the truths of our individual and collective impact on the Earth, and we engage with those who deny these truths. 
  • We recognize that our consumer culture is like an intoxicant that leads us to vastly overestimate what we need vs. what we want.

We undertake these precepts with the resolve that our global circumstances demand and with the wisdom and compassion that guard us against despair, denial, and judgement of self and others. With these practices, we honor our planet as a living inheritance—one which we receive gratefully from all of the Earth’s past beings and which we steward reverently and with compassion for all of the Earth’s present and future beings, human and non-human.

For a version of this document with example actions, see here: For a more comprehensive list of suggested/recommended actions, see here: reco