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The Need to Be Somebody

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2003-02-03
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



Offer yourself a thorough self-assessment. Is there personal pain that needs more attention and examination? What activities would help you better understand this area–therapy, service, exercise? Don’t sit by and claim to be nobody when you feel personal pain. Be willing to make inroads and deepen your understanding of the pain.

Ask yourself who you must become before you can find self-contentment. Be honest in this questioning. What qualities of character, skills, and talents would allow you to feel more complete? Would you like to be acknowledged and have more prominence? The answers to these questions will determine the conscious or unconscious direction of your life.

This week watch how self-discontentment drives your action. What is the emotion behind the discontentment? Are you feeling disadvantaged, insufficient, unworthy, or incomplete? What are the self-beliefs operating within that emotion? “I’m not there yet…, I need to be acknowledged…, I must grow in this area….” Discontentment propels the need to be somebody. Observe people who have achieved what you strive for and see if they demonstrate real freedom of heart.

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