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The Judging Mind

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2002-01-28
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



Reflect on your childhood. What judgements were upheld in your family? What were the prejudices around money, class, race, gender, intelligence, etc.? How did these judgements condition your upbringing? How did they condition your view of your world? Are they still operating within your current view? You can usually discover some residue of judgement within your views, opinions, pride, and values.

How were you treated when you were young? What was communicated to you about who you were and what you did? Did you internalize these evaluations? What self-judgements persist from that time? What is your relationship to these inward voices? Are you feeding the judging mind by judging the judger? Notice your inward judgement and outward judgement this week. When you find yourself judging, go directly to the pain of inadequacy behind the judgement. Judgement is an attempt to ease this pain and for a moment there may be some relief. Pain forces judgement to keep judging and will persist until you open to it. Stop the cycle by acknowledging the hurt.

Judgement is seeing the world in the quantifiable terms of having and not having. Is there another way to see? Is there another view that is not based on a summation? How will you access this view?.

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