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Living the Paramis (Talk 1 of 2)

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Teacher: Tuere Sala
Date: 2017-12-05
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



This month we will be exploring how to live with the paramis. We have spent a year considering the nature of each of them separately, now we need to let go of the words/notes and let our own understanding come to us from within. The liberating aspect of the paramis exist in every moment – we just need to be aware of it. As you go about your everyday/holiday activities over the next two weeks, see if you can notice the presence (or non-presence) of one or more of the paramis. Set an intention to understand the importance of this recognition and how this awareness might support you on your path to liberation. Pay particular attention to the felt sense of your investigation. Let your understanding or possible insights arise naturally from within. Make note of what you learn. Don’t be afraid to let your thinking mind mull over any new understanding more than once. Naturally arising insight is wholesome wisdom that should be remembered and applied.



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