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Fundamentals of the Dharma: Appreciation

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2012-11-27
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



Many of us do not realize the accessibility of the heart. We think it is distant and attainable only through hard work.  But it is as close as a pause in our thoughts, a hesitation in our busyness, and is the natural response of awareness to life.  Our thoughts cover the heart with a foggy distraction, but when we interrupt the stream of our thinking the heart response with a gentle appreciation for living. In that moment life is acknowledging itself with gratitude. During this season of Thanksgiving, look deeply and silently to call forth this natural appreciation for living.


Stop your busyness for a moment and pause. Let the fullness of life come in with all the senses alive and awake. For this brief period of time there is nothing worth thinking about. Let your gaze light upon a tender experience, perhaps a spider spinning a web or the soft rustling of leaves blown by the breeze.  Let your mind be soft, your heart relaxed, and feel the accompanying warmth that heralds appreciation.  When there is awareness and the sensitivity of refined attention, appreciation is present.


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