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Dharma, Identity, and Uncertain Times

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Teacher: Vimalasara
Date: 2017-01-27
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center


With Vimalasara and Tuere Sala.

Who are we in uncertain times? Does it matter? What is identify? Can the dharma strengthen and support our sense of identity? What about non-self?

These are questions all practitioners struggle with throughout their practice. Our sense of identity can come from race, gender, culture and even the roles we act out of at work, at home and at our sanghas. In the darkness of uncertain times, identity can bring with it a great deal of suffering both real and imagined.

The talk centers around the refuge of practice as a backdrop to all suffering, including the difficulties and struggles of identity. Vimalasara speaks about the largest single conversion to Buddhism made on one single day, that changed the identities, and lives of hundreds of thousands of people in India.  Tuere speaks about how we can practice with the ultimate reality on non-self while living in the relative reality of everyday life.


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