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Birthing the Heart: Sincerity

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Teacher: Rodney Smith
Date: 2014-02-04
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



The birthing of the heart will occur on its own if we genuinely want to know what is true –  not what is convenient, but what is true. This desire to know what is true is the irresistible force that cuts through ignorance, and sincerity defines the person who is compelled by this urge.  Our heart knows whether we are forcing sincerity or being naturally curious, and the sincere person does not try to feign sincerity when it is absent. Instead of trying to force the mind to always be honest, the sincere student is willing to look directly at the mind that is irresolute and wavering in its commitment to sincerity.  The hallmark of sincerity is not that the person is always forthright but that he/she is willing to investigate the mind when that trait is missing. “What is going on here?  What is blocking my wanting to know?”  Therefore, sincerity is not dependent upon wholesome states of mind, but is driven instead to align itself with the deepest truths it knows.


If sincerity is the love of what is true and involves acknowledging distortion without pretension, recognizing the cause of pain without projecting that cause, and facing facts without defensiveness, which of these areas need more attention in your practice?  Make one of these areas an active inquiry this week. For instance if you decide to face facts without defensiveness investigate what motivates you to turn away and deny what is occurring?  The purpose is to understand yourself better not to become self-critical. Be gentle with your defenses or you will be reinforcing the wrong intention.


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