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Susan Alotrico

Susan remembers first learning about the concept of “Ahimsa,” – causing no harm, while studying Eastern religions at Burlington-Edison High School and remembers being a spiritual seeker. She took Rodney Smith’s introduction to meditation class in 2008, and just kept coming back. She jumped into volunteering for SIMS, then left to serve in the Peace Corps (2012-2015), living in the Buddhist-infused culture of Thailand. Her favorite Thai word is Nam Jai, or water heart, translated as generosity. “Generosity is something I thought I understood, until I saw its true boundless nature.” After exploring Nepal and Bhutan, she returned to SIMS, volunteering and then serving on the SIMS Board as volunteer coordinator. Susan teaches in Seattle Public Schools and lives the in Skagit Valley. She has sat non-residential and residential retreats in the Northwest and abroad. She loves serving the Dharma by sharing her experience, faith and a spiritual urgency to open the heart and be free from suffering in this lifetime.


If you would like to schedule a an individual practice meeting with Susan, click here to send a request via e-mail. To learn more about practice meetings, please visit our Individual Practice Meeting page for more information.



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