Covid Community Resources

Resources Available During Covid-19 Pandemic

For Practical Resources

Seattle & Eastside:


People of Color:

King County COVID-19 Resource Guide – from the Office of Equity and Social Justice:

COVID-19 Resources for the Community, Office of Mayor Durkan:

North Seattle resources: – Extensive listings of resources under ‘Need Help?’

Hopelink – serving north and east King County::

United Way of King County: – Extensive listings, including food support and rental and utilities assistance

Food Lifeline:

South King County Food Coalition:

St. Vincent de Paul:

Kirkland – food, utilities, housing support:

Snohomish County – food, rent, utilities support:

For interfaith, nondenominational spiritual/emotional support and practice



Tricycle Magazine:

Katie Davis for a comprehensive list of Buddhist Online Meditation Resources:

Seattle’s Three Amigos:—-breaking-the-taboos-of-interfaith-dialogue/youtube_d9b2c1ea-a2f3-11e3-9800-001a4bcf6878.html

The Interfaith Observer:

Harvard University:

Wheaton University:

Mayo Clinic:

Parenting Support

World Health Organization:

Support for Couples

Singles Support

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