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Practicing in Everyday Life: Continuity of Suffering

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Teacher: Tuere Sala
Date: 2016-10-04
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



When we really think about it, the only point of all our efforts in practice boils down to what we do in any given ordinary moment. An ordinary moment can pass without notice, can pass through a lot of reactivity and aversion or can get pulled away from a clutched heart wishing it could last forever. Yet it is in our ordinary life moments that practice comes alive. This month we will look at two aspects of practicing in ordinary life – the continuity of suffering and the continuity of mindfulness. Liberation can be found in both. In the continuity of suffering we practice within the cyclical nature of suffering, gradually becoming increasingly aware of the way out of this circular trap, inherent within the moment. In the continuity of mindfulness we practice within the strengthening nature of mindfulness, gradually deepening our capacity and confidence in seeing each moment for what it truly is – an ordinary moment in the natural flow of life.


Notice how you are with unpleasant, uncomfortable, difficult situations or experiences. Do you respond out of habit? Is there space to pause and inquire into why you are reacting in a particular way? Can you simply be with the situation/experience? If not, why can't you? Consider just being with something you think of as unpleasant, uncomforable or difficult without the need to change it. Just be with it – it's happening anyway. What happens then?


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