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Cultivating the Ennobling Qualities of the Heart (9 of 9)

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Teacher: Christina Feldman
Date: 2011-10-16
Venue: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



 A study/practice retreat on “Cultivating the Ennobling Qualities of the Heart” – An exploration of the paramis (perfections) of Generosity (Dāna), Ethics (SÄ«la), Renunciation (Nekkhamma), Insight (Paññā), Energy (Viriya), Patience (Khanti), Truthfulness (Sacca), Resolution (Adhiá¹­á¹­hāna), Loving Kindness and Befriending (Mettā), and Equanimity (Upekkhā). 

Talk 9 of 9.  Equanimity (Upekkhā).

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