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Grow Our Dharma Roots Benefit Talks

The Grow Our Dharma Roots series is a special series of Dharma talks featuring five master meditation teachers who explore meditation as a gateway to transcendent awareness; caring in a troubled world; sangha and refuge; diversity and the intersection of Dharma and hip hop; and spirituality as relationship to self and the world.

The Grow Our Dharma Roots benefit talks were given and recorded to support SIMS’ remodel of UFM in the University District of Seattle.

This wonderful series includes talks by:

  • SIMS founding teacher Rodney Smith, explains meditation instructions as a gateway beyond self to transcendent awareness.
  • Sharon Salzberg, Buddhist teacher, author and co-founder of Insight Meditation Society, who revolutionized loving-kindness meditation, shares how caring for self and others is possible in these challenging times.
  • Ofosu Jones-Quartey, hip hop artist and Buddhist teacher, gives a musical performance, dives into diversity, creative expression, and caring for oneself. This talk includes a conversation between Ofosu and SIMS guiding teacher Tuere Sala.
  • Narayan Liebenson, renown for her teachings on compassion, grief, and joy, shares the intersection of sangha and the refuge of a spiritual home.
  • Zoketsu Norman Fischer, Soto Zen priest and poet, shares moments from his latest book, When You Greet Me I Bow, and reflects on spirituality as relationship to self and the world.

These talks are offered freely, so please enjoy them. While there is no charge or required donation to access them at the links below, we encourage you to donate to the Grow Our Dharma Roots fundraising campaign to help SIMS create a new spiritual home. No amount is too small or too large. To donate and learn about the remodel project, click here.

Series Teachers: Narayan Helen Liebenson, Ofosu Jones-Quartey, Rodney Smith, Sharon Salzberg, Zoketsu Norman Fischer

Talks in this Series

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