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Four Noble Truths

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Date: 2018-01-09


This year’s teaching schedule is on the Four Noble Truths – The Truth of Dukkha (suffering); The Truth of the Cause (Origin) of Dukkha; The Truth of the Cessation of Dukkha; and The Truth of The Path Leading to the Cessation of Dukkha (Eightfold Path). These four truths are more than intellectual theories. They are the fundamental aspects of understanding which frame the whole of our practice. The more we work with them, the more we can see them as the key, the map, the guideposts, to awakening and living a simpler life rooted in wisdom and compassion. During the first four months of the year we will look at each of the four Truths separately. We will then explore the eight aspects of the Noble 8-Fold Path during the last 8 months of the year.

Teachers: Tim Geil, Tuere Sala, Keri Pederson

Venues: Seattle Insight Meditation Center



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