Susan Alotrico

Susan remembers being introduced to the concept of “Ahimsa,” - reverence for all life, while studying Eastern religions in high school. She found her way to meditation through the path of recovery and took Rodney Smith’s introduction to meditation class in 2008, and just kept coming back. She jumped into volunteering for SIMS, then left to serve in the Peace Corps, Thailand. There, she lived in the Buddhist-infused culture for three years (2012-2015). One lovely thing about the Thai language is there are hundreds of Jai (heart) words. One Susan remembers, beautifully illustrates the concept of generosity as “Nam Jai,” or water heart. After her Peace Corps stint, she delved deeper into Buddhist meditation and culture in Nepal and Bhutan. She returned to SIMS, continuing to volunteer for non-residential retreats, later serving as volunteer coordinator as a SIMS Board member.

Susan is a preschool teacher where she gets to engage in this precious and enchanted life through the experience of little ones.

Susan has sat non-residential and residential retreats in the Northwest and abroad, and takes time each year for deeper practice.  She feels the spiritual urgency of the Dharma to open the capacity of the heart to be free from suffering in this lifetime.

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