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Willa Thaniya Reid

Seattle Insight Meditation Center
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Peace is in Every Breath

With Willa Thaniya Reid and Jitindriya Loraine Keats. Recorded on August 15, 2017, at Seattle Insight Meditation Center.

(Note: the recording begins as Jitindriya is already speaking.)

Enhancing awareness of the breath and body is a primary way to establish mindfulness in the present moment. It helps us come out of the stress of mental proliferation and we develop the capacity to meet our presently arising experience. As we do this, we begin to recognize how we can either struggle with ‘the way it is’ or be in wise relationship with ‘the way it is’. Seeing and understanding this process directly leads to ‘insight into the Noble Truths’, and brings deep peace in its wake. This is more than just the peace of relaxation or tranquility, which is also a benefit of breath meditation – it is the peace of insight into ‘Dhamma’, reality. This is the possibility with every breath.