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Sense Doors, Talk 1

Practice & Reflection

This month we are exploring and practicing with the six senses.  The sense doors are the fifth link in the chain of dependent origination.  One of the main insights in this link is the recognition of mind as a sense door.  This recognition enables us to become less identified with our thoughts.  The less identified we are with our thoughts, the more aware we can become of the other five senses.  From time to time this month, stop and let your thoughts settle.  Open to what you are experiencing in the moment through the other five senses.  Let the sense sensations be present but do not elaborate on them.  Let the sights, sounds, smell, tastes, physical sensations, and mind activity (thoughts/ideas) be just what they are.  Allow awareness to be large enough to hold them all.  Ask yourself what else there is in life that is true beyond these sense impressions and this encompassing awareness? Is the commentary true, are reactions true, or are these merely arising in response to the six senses?  It may dawn on you that the six senses and the awareness that holds them are all that is, and that everything else is an imaginative response to this.