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Jun 2020 The Nine Bodies of Consciousness: A Practical Map for Insight Practitioners Remote Meeting Room A Tuere Sala
Apr 2020 The Four Beautiful Qualities of the Heart Various locations Narayan Helen Liebenson
Jan 2020 Fulfilling Our Potential as Human Beings Nalanda West Rodney Smith
Jan 2020 Dependent Origination Various locations Tim Geil, Lyndal Johnson, Tuere Sala
Dec 2019 Unexamined Aspects of How You Live the Four Noble Truths in Daily Life Bastyr University Phillip Moffitt
Dec 2019 The Gap: When Reactivity Arises from Loss of Mindfulness Nalanda West Phillip Moffitt
Oct 2019 The Heart/Mind in Buddhism SIMS at University Friends Meeting House Lyndal Johnson, Steve Wilhelm, Anna Ossenfort, Jerry Harter, Sooz Appel, Lauren Wilson
Mar 2019 Venerable Pannavati Dharma Talk and NRR Seattle Insight Meditation Center Venerable Pannavati
Feb 2019 The Magnanimous Heart; compassion and love, loss and grief, joy and liberation Seattle Insight Meditation Center Narayan Helen Liebenson
Jan 2019 Shifts in Identity Seattle Insight Meditation Center Rodney Smith