Social Engagement

Social Engagement at SIMS

It is said that the two arms of the dharma are compassion and wisdom. Through wisdom we see our connection with all things and with compassion our hearts open. Using mindfulness and in the quiet of formal practice we witness an inner transformation that allows more easily for well intentioned action in the world. This is the grounding for social engagement from a Buddhist perspective. 

Our attention is called to many difficult outer conditions such as the climate crisis, systemic racism, social and economic inequity, homelessness, immigration and refugee issues, LGBTQ rights, sexism and misogyny, and a growing nuclear weapons buildup.

Responding to these conditions from the ground of practice provides a way to engage with less ego and anger, and more kindness and understanding.

Groups & Dedicated Resources

Please take a look at these pages to learn more about how we are expanding our efforts to engage compassionately and wisely with our communities and how you can get involved. We welcome your ideas and suggestions. Please email Iris Antman to discuss and explore ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.

Climate Action Group
Anti-Racism Resources


Noel House

Since its inception in 1990, Noel House Programs has offered safe, comfortable shelter to a diverse community of homeless women. Over the years, their efforts on behalf of homeless women have grown to include a variety of services, including a Women's Referral Center, 5 volunteer-run shelters & 2 staffed shelters. Noel House Programs refers anywhere from 150-250 women nightly to these shelters, offers nightly meal service, and case management at the main Noel House shelter in downtown Seattle. In total, Noel House Programs assists 92 women with nightly shelter, 20 women with permanent housing, 180 women with nightly emergency shelter referrals, and 60 women with a summer shelter from May - September. They have a new family shelter in Bellevue that has a 50 person capacity. 

Please direct questions to Cubba Reese.