Status of Upcoming SIMS Events

All events thru end of April are either postoned, paused or meeting remotely (on-line) via Zoom.

The situation with the Coronavirus in Seattle is rapidly evolving. We will use this page to communicate to our Sangha about the status of our group events.

Please check here often for the latest information as things are fluid right now. 

Event Status Zoom Link Notes
Introduction to Meditation Class starting April 1, 6 Wednesdays Meeting Remotely via Zoom Zoom link to be emailed to Registrants  
Buddhist Essentials Series,  3rd Wednesdays, June 17-Feb 17, 7-9 PM  tentatively at UFM depending on current concerns about COVID-19  Tentatively at UFM   Will meet remotely by Zoom if COVID-19 is still a concern.
Weekly Meditation
Sunday Group, 10-11:30 AM Meeting Remotely via Zoom  
Monday Dharma and Meditation, 7-9 PM Meeting Remotely via Zoom  
Thursday Sit 8 -10 AM with Ellen McCown Paused for now    
Henry Art Gallery Sit 12:30 - 12:45 PM, 2nd Thurs each month w/ Lyndal Johnson Paused for now    
Under Forty Group, 2nd and 4th Wed each month, 7-8:30 PM with Keri Pederson Meeting Remotely via Zoom

Eastside Meditation Group, 1st and 3rd Thu each month, 7-9 PM w/ Steve Wilhelm Meeting Remotely via Zoom  
Capitol Hill Meditation Group, Thu each week, 6:30-8:30 PM w/ Tuere Sala Meeting Remotely via Zoom

Non-Residential Retreats


V. Pannavati's March 6-8 Fri Night Dharma Talk and Weekend NRR Postponed   Moved to Sep 11-13
Narayan Liebenson's Friday night Dharma Talk, April 16, 3-5 PM PDT Meeting Remotely via Zoom  
Narayan Liebenson's Non-Residential Retreat, April 17-19, 8AM to 3:30 PM PDT Meeting Remotely via Zoom Zoom link to be emailed to Registrants  
Tina Rasmussen Non-Residential Retreat April 24-25 Postponed   Moved to August 21-22

Zoom Tips and Best Practices
Download Zoom from here
To join a Remote group, copy the Zoom link from the table above into your browser and follow the instructions.
Always keep your mic Muted unless you want to speak
Use the 'Raise your hand' feature or type a question via Chat if you want to speak
At times you may be Muted by the teacher and unable to unmute yourself. Please use the Raise hand feature in Zoom if you wish to be identified by the teacher to speak.
Please note the meetings are recorded and will be posted on line and as such your image and name may be viewable in the recording on the internet. You may wish to disable your video and/or use an anonymous ID.

If having trouble with connection stability..

  1. Try turning off your video and doing audio only
  2. If that doesnt help, use 'phone audio' from the Switch to Phone Audio feature accessible from the Mute button

Shortcuts if using  phone audio: *6 for toggling mute and and *9 for raising hand

Please continue to offer dana. Dana to teachers and SIMS can be made here. Please try to clearly designate the portion for teachers and SIMS and the event it relates to.