SIMS Vision for the Future


12/15/2018 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Seattle Insight Meditation Center, (2729 6th Ave. S., Seattle, 98134) (Map It)

We'll be holding a Sangha-wide workshop at SIMS December 15 from 9am - 12pm.  The purpose of the workshop is to gather feedback from the Sangha on a very important matter, namely, what would we like SIMS to look like in the coming years? All SIMS sangha members are invited to attend.

We're happy to have the assistance of Bill Broesemle to lead us in our workshop. Bill retired from UCLA in 2006 where he was senior associate dean and director of MBA Programs at The Anderson School of Management. Bill has offered to partner with SIMS to conduct this workshop and then to work with the SIMS board to develop and implement an action plan stemming from the workshop.  

The workshop will pose a simple question to the group: what vision would you like to see the SIMS sangha working towards over the next three years?

The Sangha will work in small groups facilitated by Bill and they will discuss this question and come up with a set of ideas.  Each group will report out their key learnings to the group at large.  Bill will facilitate larger group discussions to help come to some reasonable consensus of the key points.

SIMS Board will take the summarized results of the day’s workshop and deliver it to a working group of 6-9 individuals that will be convened later. This working group will be asked to review the output of the day (with Bill’s help ) and come up with a Vision Statement we want to work towards and a series of Work Items that SIMS can then commit to over a multi-year period aimed at achieving that vision.

For those not able to attend in person, we will be offering an online mechanism for participation and to provide input. 

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To inquire about the accessibility of SIMS events, such as wheelchair accessibility or seating for those with visual or auditory disabilities, email If, for physical or other reasons, you are not able to participate for the entire event, you are welcome to participate to the extent you are able. Please contact the event organizer or teacher at the event if you have questions.