Intensive Study Course

Class meets once per month for nine months

Tuere Sala
with Tuere Sala

4/21/2019 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM at Seattle Insight Meditation Center, (2729 6th Ave. S., Seattle, 98134) (Map It)

This is a 9-month course.  The specific dates are: 3/17/19, 4/21/19, 5/26/18, 6/16/19, 7/28/19, 9/22/19, 10/13/19 and 11/17/19 and a make up date. There will be no class in August.  Location is SODO for Feb-May and TBD for June-November.

There are two foundational aspects of Buddha’s teachings that enable liberation of the mind – a commitment to harmlessness and a clear comprehension of dependent origination (the implications of causes and conditions).  Awareness and comprehension of these two aspects is what enabled Buddha to awaken.  Often because of its twelve links and outer/inner conditioning, teachings on Dependent Origination are relegated to the “too complicated shelf”.  Dependent Origination, however, is not some complicated discourse for monastics and scholars to debate.  It is not a concept at all.  It is a practical application for understanding the suffering we feel today.  The more we understand its implications, the more capacity we have for abandoning the causes of that suffering in real time.  

Buddha once said that whoever sees Dependent Origination sees the Dharma; whoever sees the Dharma sees Dependent Origination; and whoever sees the Dharma sees the Buddha.  In the Rice Seedling Sutra, Buddha explains the entire nature of Dependent Origination in the simplest terms by comparing it to the creation of rice.  The Sutra is beautiful, inspiring and completely accessible.  During this course we will explore each of the various links; look at how they intersect with one another and practice awareness of their impact in our present life.  

This is an intensive "practice" course. We will be working on piercing the veil around what we call “suffering” through practice.  We will use contemplations on the The Rice Seedling Sutra, readings, dharma talks and sitting journals to open our wisdom capacity.  We will use friendship, mantras and ceremony to open our heart (compassion) capacity.

The basic structure will be as follows:
1.    The 3-hour monthly class will set practice focus for the month.
2.    Homework will consist of readings, listening to a Dharma Talk and daily noticing.  Note: All reading material will be provided.
3.    Participants will have practice partner(s) and will meet outside of class at least once during the month via phone, email, video chat or in person.
4.    Participants will be required to maintain a practice journal.  It will not be turned in or shared but will be used to support participant's awareness of wisdom.
5.    Teacher interviews are available if needed.

To be eligible for this course, you should meet these requirements:
•    Daily Sitting Practice
•    12+ days retreat (may include residential, nonresidential and Day of Mindfulness)
•    Minimum of 3 years practice
•    Commitment to deepening practice
•    Willingness to remain engaged with class for the duration of the class.
If you would like to be considered for the course but do not meet one or more of the above requirements, you may send an email to the teacher explaining why you would like to participate. To email the teacher, click here for a link to Tuere’s email.

Registration at the door. The suggested donation is $135 for the nine-month series, plus teacher dana.


To inquire about the accessibility of SIMS events, such as wheelchair accessibility or seating for those with visual or auditory disabilities, email If, for physical or other reasons, you are not able to participate for the entire event, you are welcome to participate to the extent you are able. Please contact the event organizer or teacher at the event if you have questions.