Family Friendly Programs

Sunday Morning Sit & Talk, 10:00am – 11:30am

Led by: Sooz Appel, Lyndal Johnson, Tuere Sala, Lauren Wilson

Please go to SIMS Zoom Events to get the Zoom link for this meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!

We’re delighted to be able to offer this weekly practice group that creates space for the whole family to practice. 

This group is meeting online now due to the Coronavirus and we have lost our physical location. 

Sunday Sit Practice Resources


PRACTICE with SELF-TALK phrases.

I want to become the best/the perfect/the ideal_____.

When I become_____, I will be complete, fulfilled/my life will be meaningful.

I am someone who always/never_______. If only I had____, I would be happy.

I am special because I can_______. Then ask, Is that so?

PRACTICE understanding NOT SELF more.

Ask: Is it all about me? How important am I?

PRACTICE taking the I/ME/MINE out of your language.

Instead of I’m angry, try Anger is happening.

Instead of My mind, my body try The mind, the body…

PRACTICE with the way you IDENTIFY with things.

Explore what is gratifying about this identification with becoming, doing or having and what are its drawbacks.

Ask: What do I get from this? What would I be without it?

PRACTICE identifying with a more spacious, IMPERSONAL quality such as peace, generosity, awareness, courage, truth, stillness, ease.

Example: I aspire to be peace.