SIMS Local Dharma Leaders

SIMS Local Dharma Leaders (LDLs) are experienced dharma practitioners who have been given permission by SIMS Guiding Teacher, Rodney Smith, to share the Buddha's teachings with the sangha. With Rodney's mentoring and supervision, LDLs lead a variety of SIMS classes and hold individual interviews.






Personal Interviews

A one-to-one connection with an experienced practitioner is a way to nourish one's practice. For more information, and to request an practice interview with a SIMS Local Dharma Leader or teacher in training, please view the Interview Guidelines and Request page


Skype Sessions

SIMS also offers Skype sessions to sanghas small or large, anywhere in the world, that would like additional teacher support. These sessions will be offered by one of three Seattle-based teachers, Bonnie Duran, Tim Geil, or Keri Pederson. They are participating in formal teacher training with senior teachers at IMS (Joseph Goldstein), Spirit Rock (Jack Kornfield), and Seattle Insight (Rodney Smith). The topic and format of a session can be chosen by the groups with input from the teacher. If your sangha is interested in a Skype session, please send us an email. Dana can be offered through Network for Good and designated to the teacher.