The Paramis: Practicing with Generosity

For Your Contemplation

Reflections and Practices

Over the next two weeks we will be exploring ways to practice with generosity. You could begin with contemplating on gratitude. Ask yourself these 3 questions: Have you benefited from another's action(s)? Do you trust the intention behind the action(s)? Can you sense what the person(s) had to go through to act? Another way of practicing with generosity is by the intentional practice of non-harm. This means paying attention to your words, thoughts and deeds. Try to refrain from harming anyone -- including yourself. If you do notice harm, can you relax, observe and allow it to teach you about generosity? Finally, practicing generosity means giving the gift of kindness. Try giving random acts of kindness and pay attention to both the external and internal movements of energy. What happens when you intentionally cultivate this wholesome quality?