Download SIMS Video from Vimeo

Having trouble viewing SIMS videos on your computer? Sometimes it helps to download them to your computer. Use our tutorial to learn how. SIMS videos are available for group showings at your Sangha or sitting group. Once downloaded, you can view the video without needing an active internet connection.

You can also find a gallery of all our videos hosted on Vimeo on the SIMS Channel.

While most computers are able to watch our videos directly, sometimes downloading the video to your computer and playing it back from there provides a better experience for you. For instance, if you have a slow connection to the internet, you may find the video stops and starts while watching it. Or you may want to watch the video on a large screen. The downloaded version of the video is much higher quality -- suitable for watching on a TV or large monitor. Feel free to show our videos to your local sangha.

Our videos are hosted at To visit, click the link below the tutorial video titled download from vimeo.

This link will take you to and you should see the video you want to download. Look in the lower right corner of the screen and you will see the downloads section. Vimeo tells you to Please join Vimeo or log in to download the original file.

Return to the downloads section after registration and you will see a link to download your video. Click the link and the download begins.

On a slow internet connection, it's a good idea to start this download and let it run overnight.

To watch this process step-by-step, view our tutorial below.