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Mar 2015 Awakening Joy Seattle Insight Meditation Center Bonnie Duran
Oct 2014 An Embodied Life Seattle Insight Meditation Center Christina Feldman
Jan 2014 Birthing the Heart Various locations Rodney Smith
Oct 2013 Dimensions of Insight Bastyr University Christina Feldman
Mar 2013 Understanding Love: Experience, Awareness & Insight Bastyr University Steve Armstrong
Jan 2013 Dependent Origination Various locations Rodney Smith
Oct 2012 Inclining the Heart: Boundless Friendliness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity Bastyr University Christina Feldman
Jan 2012 Fundamentals of the Dharma Various locations Rodney Smith
Oct 2011 Cultivating the Ennobling Qualities of the Heart Bastyr University Christina Feldman
Oct 2010 The Seven Factors of Awakening Bastyr University Christina Feldman