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Recent Quarterly Newsletters

Fall 2016
SIMS board report by Joyce Michelson; "Dealing With Our Unconscious Racism" by Ruby Phillips and Denis Martynowych; new teachers finish the Spirit Rock training program by Tim Geil.

Summer 2016
Sangha survey report by Miles Yanick; Board report by Joyce Michelson; "The Realm of Practice" (Part 2) by Rodney Smith.

Spring 2016
"The Realm of Practice" (Part 1) by Rodney Smith; a high-level look at results from our recent sangha survey.

Winter 2015
"Understanding Aging, Death and Dying" by Rodney Smith; articles and updates from the sangha.

Fall 2015
News from the SIMS Board of Directors; "What Doesn't Change" by Tim Geil; "Living the Buddha's Teaching" by Tuere Sala; "Back to Our Beginnings: Thursdays at Keystone Church" and other news from the sangha.

Spring 2015
"Understanding Aging and Death, Part II" by Rodney Smith; articles from the sangha.

Fall 2014
"Where is the Dharma Talk? Reflections on Parenting as Practice" by Keri Pederson;, "Running on Emptiness" by Miles Yanick; "Starting a KM Group" by Iris Antman, and updates from the sangha.

Spring 2014
New Dharma Center; SIMS 2013 Survey results; articles and updates from the sangha.

Winter 2013-14
Outgoing board president, and articles from the sangha.

Fall 2013
"Generosity" by Rodney Smith, and articles by sangha members.