Dharma and Children

Within the SIMS sangha, the dharma and children group came together to foster a deeper understanding of how our individual practices include our relationships to children and to increase support within the sangha for those working with or raising children.

Our efforts are meant to include everyone who relates to children in some way—aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, teachers and other educators, therapists, social workers, counselors, neighbors—in other words, almost everyone.

Activities and resources for children and families within SIMS include:

  • reading and resource suggestions for children, parents, and other individuals who relate to children in coordination with the SIMS Library
  • as children become youth, an opportunity to transition to teen mindfulness activities
  • opportunities for participation in SIMS social engagement projects, several of which relate to children and youth in other countries
  • SIMS activities for all ages, such as the SIMS annual picnic and Jataka tales event 

As the dharma and children group evolves, we invite your participation and suggestions. To find out more or to become involved, please contact dharmachildren@seattleinsight.org.