Right View

For Your Contemplation

This month we will be exploring the Right View. Cultivation of Right View relates to the development of wisdom. Our view is the backdrop to how we see the world. It governs our perception, our goals and our choices. It also conditions actions. When our actions are conditioned on greed, hatred (aversion) or delusion – we suffer. If, on the other hand, our actions are conditioned on non-harm, goodwill and restraint of the senses – we can experience genuine happiness regardless of the circumstances. This month we will be considering the long-term consequences of our actions, perceptions and choices. Periodically, notice what you are doing, thinking or perceiving (seeing/hearing). Consider what assumptions are operating behind your actions, perceptions and choices. What conditions have come together to enable that moment in time. What habits are you strengthening? What “way of being” are you guaranteeing will continue? Just watch and learn. Let your understanding guide you towards an appropriate response. You are not trying to change anything but if you feel the urge to “let go” or “let something be” – do it and notice how you feel afterwards. This month is about seeing the impact of your view on your way of moving through life.