Truthfulness: Three Gateways of Speech

Truthfulness is an expression of our wisdom and aligns our actions with our understanding. This talk explores three gateways of wise speech: Is it true? Is it beneficial? Is the timing right? Truth is seen as relative to the arising of each moment. Being beneficial leads to the end of suffering, in particular by loosening identification. The proper timing considers the vulnerability and open heartedness of the speaker, and the receptivity of the listener.

For Your Contemplation

Before speaking or writing, practice moving through the three gates of speech.

1) Is this true? Holding relative truth lightly and remembering absolute truth is beyond words. 2) Is this beneficial? Does it lead to the end of suffering through the release of identification? 3) Is this the right timing? Am I open-hearted and vulnerable and is the other person receptive and willing?

Can you also pass your inner dialogue through these three gates?

Sutta reference: MN 58