Gateways to the Dharma

Seattle Insight Meditation Center | Nov 2016

In this series, we explore several states of mind we often consider barriers to Dharma practice. We struggle with them as obstacles. Actually, they show an essential entry point into the Dharma, as they reveal the personal expression of our suffering. When seen in this light, they become a key aspect of realizing our daily lives as a spiritual practice.

Talks in this series

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    Election 2016: Gateway to the Dharma

    by Tim Geil | Nov 15, 2016

    The 2016 election has created shock and fear for many people. It is a vital time to practice and has the potential to deepen and integrate our wisdom and compassion. In this talk, we explore the relationship between the stages of grief and dharma practice, in relation to the the election.

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    The Wanting Mind: Gateway to the Dharma

    by Tim Geil | Nov 29, 2016

    The Wanting Mind forms a central pattern to our suffering and is a critical area of practice. Becoming very intimate with how Wanting reveals itself in your life also reveals a fundamental expression of suffering. In this talk, we explore the different ways Wanting appears in the suttas and how steadiness of mind, intention, and sincerity allow us to meet Wanting with the Dharma.

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    The Busy Mind: Gateway to the Dharma

    by Tim Geil | Dec 13, 2016

    We experience a chronic expression of busyness in our modern lives. From our hectic, over-committed work and personal life, to the incessant stream of thoughts, the Busy Mind can be seen as a gateway into the Dharma. We explore how the Busy Mind is an expression of our ignorance of the three characteristics, how engaging in the Busy Mind reinforces our ignorance, and what we have to give up to release busyness.